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Featured image for My 30th Birthday Skydiving Experience

My 30th Birthday Skydiving Experience

Posted on 28th July 2016 at 11:30am by Jonathan Rawlins in Activities

On the 9th July 2016 I turned 30 and for those of you that don't know me; I LOVE extreme sports that get the adrenaline flowing.

While I no longer commit to extreme sports as I did when I was much much younger, I still enjoy following European and American Motocross as well as Bradley Smith in the MotoGP. Bradley Smith and Mountain View MX Park are both clients who we design and support with our website design services.

As you grow older your commitments change with becoming an adult, but for my 30th birthday those adrenaline filled weekends racing were brought back to life when I put my leg back over a motocross bike for the first time since I stopped racing in 2003 thanks to my Uncle, Parents and Sister, but this time my wife and son had other plans for me.

Around two weeks before my birthday, I received an email from my wife with details for a tandem skydive; those two weeks flew by while continuing to run our web design agency here in Swindon, Wiltshire. Closer to jump day, there were the usual questions of, whats going to happen if something goes wrong looping around my head, so I notified a few clients who requested that I posted proof of completing the jump on our blog (hence this post).

Without further ado, here is the video.

Credits: Rick at UK Parachuting for the original filming and edit. Firebird Films for helping with the editing of the new video above.

If you want a tandem skydiving experience or to train to the next level, I can't fault UK Parachuting, they continued to make you feel safe and updated you throughout the day, even when we didn't think we were going to be jumping due to the wind that day, they did everything they could to make it happen.

Thank you to my Wife and Son for the experience that I will never forget, and to the team at Pixel Pixel making sure that everything ran smoothly while I was out for the day.

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