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Featured image for Pixel Pixel becomes a partner with OctoberCMS

Pixel Pixel becomes a partner with OctoberCMS

Posted on 14th December 2016 at 3:00pm by Jonathan Rawlins in Code, Company news, OctoberCMS, Plugins

Pixel Pixel have an exciting announcement to make.. We are now officially a gold partner with the excellent OctoberCMS!

As a web design & development agency in an ever-growing tech industry, we are always striving to work with the latest and greatest technologies, and are proud to be able to add a partnership with OctoberCMS to our portfolio. We've been involved with OctoberCMS since its Alpha development stage, and since the officially stable build was released in July 2016 we have found that we are extremely happy with its progress. Yes, this blog and website are both built on OctoberCMS!

OctoberCMS Partner Badge

OctoberCMS is a Laravel-based Content Management System which targets both agencies and individuals. It is deliciously simple to get to grips with and provides a real breadth of scope for developers, allowing the construction of anything from a small business web page right up to a complex web application. The transparency of the API and the lack of restricting markup structures make the system great for developers, while the clear and intuitive admin control panel allows non-technical users to manage their content with ease. 

In fact, we like it so much that the team have developed 13 proprietary plugins. These range from pluggable e-commerce solutions to in-site social media integration and SEO management. Our technical experience with this product means that we are uniquely placed to build a custom solution which perfectly addresses your needs, rather than forcing your design to fit an off-the-shelf product.

What we can already offer from our plugins:

  • Product display with shopping cart and Paypal payment Integration.
  • Blogging / News.
  • SEO Management.
  • Social Media Integration including push & pull to Facebook / Twitter and pull from Instagram.
  • Improved file upload paths (for SEO Purposes).
  • Integration with ElasticSearch for quick results retrieval (The Carriage Foundation).
  • Gallery capabilities (which could have multiple uses).
  • MotoGP Events Manager with results (Bradley Smith).
  • Job platform for listing jobs and integrating with Broadbean.

Add to this our experience as a creative agency, designing and developing both websites and applications for a wide variety of clients and business sectors; we have the perfect mix of creative and technical skills. In particular, we have extensive experience working with WordPress and MODX as well as static site builds.

If you have been looking at working with OctoberCMS for your next project, or simply need a new and refreshed website, why not contact us? We can help you to kick-start the solution and ensure it's success.

We love what we do! You will too. Speak to us