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Pixel Pixel becomes a partner with

Posted on 12th December 2017 at 12:35pm by Jonathan Rawlins in Company news, Web

We are excited to announce that Pixel Pixel has recently entered into a new partnership with our longstanding project management application -

Have you been looking for a new project management tool to migrate to? We reckon Monday are going places and we can help you get setup too.

At Pixel Pixel, the app is our favoured application for managing our internal workload and client dialogues. Built around a core of highly customisable project boards, Monday allows us to set up specific workflow for each client and easily manage feature requests and bug tracking. Being able to extend direct access to the boards to our clients enables us to work much more closely with the individuals who matter and build a positive, agile client-agency relationship. We find this combo to be incredibly powerful.

Monday has grown massively over the last few years to now boast a raft of super cool features including:

  • Responsive and highly customisable project boards, now powered by React.
  • Guest accounts for your clients to keep their involvement direct and immediate.
  • Various software integrations such as Zapier and Dropbox.
  • Companion apps for iOS and Android as well as web and native desktop apps. 
  • Mentions and tagging capabilities.
  • Stylish team timelines for high-level planning.
  • Cross-project search functionality.

Having been early adopters of Monday (before the name change!), we know the tool inside and out and have seen it grow at a phenomenal rate to become an industry leader in the project management space. They have taken a solid idea and blown it out of the water.

Monday is only going to get better and Pixel Pixel has decided to jump aboard for the long term. We hope that you might too. Check out their offerings here.

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