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Featured image for Why should you use a specialist web agency?

Why should you use a specialist web agency?

Posted on 18th November 2021 at 1:31pm by Jonathan Evans in Uncategorized, Web, Web Design, Wordpress

Over the past few years, the internet has opened up many ‘do-it-yourself’ options for people to take control of their marketing efforts.

There is a growing glut of web-based programmes to help with everything from website creation (page builders like Wix) to graphic design (Canva) and video production (Biteable).

If you’re a small business or on a tight marketing budget, using a specialist web agency may seem like an expense you can’t afford, so you decide to pick-up some of your web-based marketing activity yourself. You may feel that a specialist web agency is something only big companies need, but before you decide to go it alone, here’s why a specialist web agency might be the right solution for you.   

  • Time

With so many other things vying for your attention daily, making those improvements to your website or putting together copy for your new service might not seem like a huge priority. Using a specialist web agency makes sure that you have professional and experienced creative and development specialists on hand to help. 

  • Access to specialists who understand how to make it work in your industry

 Using a web agency will often give you access to specialist content from creators with an understanding of your industry’s nuances, particularly in areas of greater regulation. For example, we’ve worked with several legal companies across the UK and work with them to ensure their law firm’s websites and creative web assets are in line with industry regulatory body advice and best-practice.

  • Consistency in branding

 If you have a few employees creating materials for your web marketing across multiple apps, it’s easy to lose your branding consistency quickly. You either need a tightly controlled template that may not allow for much creativity or flexibility or a tight and comprehensive style guide. With a specialist web agency, you can be sure that however creative you want to get with your content; your branding will always be consistent. 

  • A CMS with good security, compatibility and flexibility 

 Keeping your website up to date is crucial for user experience and keeping Google’s algorithms happy. A Content Management System (CMS) makes maintaining and updating your website simple. It’s easy to update with new content without changing any code when adding new content yourself. We are an OctoberCMS partner agency and WordPress experts - we believe the customisation and ease of a CMS coupled with a professional and unique look tailored to your company is hard to achieve with a page builder alone.

  • Integration with your toolset 

If you use a CRM system, a lead generation platform, or a Live Chat system, compatibility with many standard tools can be hit and miss with many online packaged tools. While you may find 3rd party integration from somewhere like Zapier, often you’ll end up manually entering data from your website into your CRM. You also run the risk of using outdated plug-ins, which could pose a security risk to your website. Working with a web agency means you’ll have access to custom-built APIs and plug-ins that are functional and secure.

  • Support from Real people

We’ve all been in a situation where a deadline is looming, and something goes wrong with a bit of tech that you need. Often, you are left to navigate the labyrinthine ‘Help’ section of the vendor’s website - If you’re lucky, you may even have an option to send a message or ‘live chat’. When you work with an agency like Pixel Pixel, if something goes wrong, there’ll be a human on the other end of your phone, email or ClickUp message ready to help solve your issue.

Still not convinced?

While using a collection of web-based marketing tools and webpage builders can (and does) work for some businesses out there in the market today, a reliable and trusted web partner can go beyond and create something that’s highly optimised, high performing and cohesive. It can really help turbo-charge your online marketing efforts.

Talk to us and find out how we can work within your budgets and create something unique, secure and easy to update and maintain. 

We love what we do! You will too. Speak to us