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Visual Identity

Helping you stand out from the crowd with modern, appealing and consistent visual branding across your company’s online and offline marketing channels.

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Tell your story with a clear & consistent visual identity

Much like a physical product needs to stand out on a shelf, having an eye-catching, consistent, and modern visual brand on the web can help you stand out from your competitors. And, just like physical products use their packaging design to tell visual stories about their brand, a strong online visual identity can help your brand tell its story without the need for words.

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Pixel Pixel’s visual identity services

We craft visual identities for your brand that can be used across online and offline channels. From web imagery, fonts and iconography to re-enforce your brand identity to logos and colours for marketing brochures, flyers and business cards. We provide clear and easy-to-follow brand guidelines to ensure that you can keep your visual identity consistent as your marketing collateral continues to grow.

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I’ve been working with Jonathan and his team at Pixel Pixel since 2010 (back when Jonathan was initially freelancing) for Bradley Smith’s website, they’ve always produced quality website design and development services in a timely manner. Their latest rendition of the website launched in 2015 on their product has sped up my workflow of managing the site and is constantly improved throughout the year with new features and functionality. The support that Pixel Pixel offer if I get stuck or just need to be pointed in the right direction is just an email or a call away and I have no complaints. I am looking forward to working with Pixel Pixel now and in the future.

Our Work

We evolved an existing forms system to become an integral part of GWR’s business operations.

We created a website for Europe’s leading product management training provider.

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