Royds Withy King

As one of the 100 largest law firms in the UK, Royds Withy King services corporate and private clients across a wide range of legal advice.

What they needed

With a recent merger to become Royds Withy King, the legal firm was seeking a web partner that could bring their two websites together within a short period of time.

What we did

We took on the project to merge the existing Withy King and Royds sites into a single, coherent, and user-friendly site. To ensure we met the critical launch day, we condensed a 3-month project into a month, ensuring there was no slippage to the deadline.

How we did it

We utilise an ‘access to experts’ approach to projects and project management. Having greater visibility of current and planned activity and the option to contact project team members directly gives our clients the assurance that their web 
project is progressing as expected

Client testimonial

Pixel Pixel are one of those agencies who can take a simple idea and with minimal fuss, spin it into something that is greater than the sum of its parts. They are the type of team that don’t just do what they are asked to do, but what they think is right by the client, and crucially, the client’s end-user. It is this mentality that they bring to every project, and has seen them launch countless products and features for us, without a hitch.

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I’ve been working with Jonathan and his team at Pixel Pixel since 2010 (back when Jonathan was initially freelancing) for Bradley Smith’s website, they’ve always produced quality website design and development services in a timely manner. Their latest rendition of the website launched in 2015 on their product has sped up my workflow of managing the site and is constantly improved throughout the year with new features and functionality. The support that Pixel Pixel offer if I get stuck or just need to be pointed in the right direction is just an email or a call away and I have no complaints. I am looking forward to working with Pixel Pixel now and in the future.

Our Work

We evolved an existing forms system to become an integral part of GWR’s business operations.

We created a website for Europe’s leading product management training provider.

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