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Product Focus

We helped Europe’s leading product management training provider to create a website that matched their position as a modern, global thought leader.

What they needed

Product focus were looking for a website to match their credibility and standing within the product management industry, with an ageing website, Product focus engaged us to create a modern design that also improved upon their existing customer experience by making it easier to book courses and access online resources.

Flexibility and the ability to update their website easily was an important aspect of the build as Product Focus regularly add new training dates, materials, research and blogs to their site.

How we did it

We created their new site from scratch, including a full redesign, wireframing and user journeys.

We built the website in WordPress to give the team at Product Focus a CMS that would be easy to update when required. We also held training sessions with the team to make sure they knew how to add training dates

What were the results

We created a modern-looking site with a customer-led design that was also easy to maintain and update for the team at Product Focus.

We re-developed their course booking system, creating a streamlined and efficient booking system that was better integrated with the rest of the website. On the release of their new website, we continued to work with Product Focus to improve the functionality of the site, including a secure member’s area for alumni to access course materials and resources. 

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