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Web Optimisation

Search engine algorithms change with time, so should your website. We’ll get your website performing as it should.

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Optimise, refine and keep converting

From slow loading speeds to broken links, as your existing website grows, so do the potential problems that can stop it from converting visitors to customers. As search engine algorithms get more complex, the list of demands on your website increases which could see you losing a step on your competitors both in terms of visibility and conversions.

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Pixel Pixel’s website optimisation services

Whether it’s improving your page loading speeds, meeting legislative changes or streamlining your customer journey, our expert development team can get your website performing as it should. Our developers will work with you to understand what is causing issues with your site’s performance and put a plan in place to address them. Our expertise in technical SEO, user experience, and development best practice helps us unlock your website’s full potential.


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I’ve been working with Jonathan and his team at Pixel Pixel since 2010 (back when Jonathan was initially freelancing) for Bradley Smith’s website, they’ve always produced quality website design and development services in a timely manner. Their latest rendition of the website launched in 2015 on their product has sped up my workflow of managing the site and is constantly improved throughout the year with new features and functionality. The support that Pixel Pixel offer if I get stuck or just need to be pointed in the right direction is just an email or a call away and I have no complaints. I am looking forward to working with Pixel Pixel now and in the future.

Our Work

We evolved an existing forms system to become an integral part of GWR’s business operations.

We created a website for Europe’s leading product management training provider.

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