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Christmas snowflake animation

It might be a bit of a cliche, but everyone loves a bit of Christmas customisation. The thought of adding little seasonal Easter eggs is like catnip

Pixel Pixel becomes a partner with

We are excited to announce that Pixel Pixel has recently entered into a new partnership with our longstanding project management application –

Pixel Pixel renew our OctoberCMS partnership

This time last year we became Gold partners with our favourite CMS platform, OctoberCMS. One year on, and we are very happy to announce that we have

Christmas 2017 at Pixel Pixel

The heating is on full, strangers are being suspiciously cheerful and strange men keep trying to climb down the chimney… It’s Christmas!

Looping with SCSS

SCSS improves on CSS in almost every way, with nesting and powerful directives raising the stakes for front-end dev work. Sadly though, some powerful

Tips to optimise your website SEO

SEO has never been more important for the success of your online presence, and we at Swindon-based web design agency Pixel Pixel are keenly aware of

Advanced Console Logging – Styling

Ever felt that your browser console output was too plain and boring? Never fear, Pixel Pixel are here to help you fix that! Console Styling:

Advanced Console Logging – Methods

They say that even in the comfort of your own home you are never farther than 3 feet away from a spider, but for a web developer, the true stowaway

COMMIT to merge with Pixel Pixel

After careful consideration, COMMIT will join forces with Pixel Pixel under the Pixel Pixel brand. This is a move that we’ve been contemplating

Looking to the future – your website and a Pixel Pixel retainer

So you’ve had a shiny new website designed and built. Engagement is up and your stakeholders are happy – you’re over the moon. But

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We evolved an existing forms system to become an integral part of GWR’s business operations.

We created a website for Europe’s leading product management training provider.

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