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Whether it’s easy to digest website best practices or in-depth ‘how-to’ guides, our development blogs keep you up to date with what’s important in web development.

Web design and development trends 2021

When we talk about trends, there are two distinctive types. There are the short-term trends, driven by what’s popular at the time, and then there

Mobile first websites

The web development industry is continually evolving. Most of the time, these evolutions are small permutations on a previous best practice or method

Compiling ES6 v2 – this time with NPM

We recently discussed how to use Gulp and the gulp-babel plugin to compile your ES6 javascript into browser-friendly code. It seemed to strike a

Two simple parallax methods

Parallax is a popular scrolling effect used on many modern websites, and when done well can look fantastic. Sadly though, parallax implementations

Compiling ES6 with Gulp and Babel

The current stable of module bundlers like Webpack and Browserify are incredible tools that make creating performant and cutting-edge web apps a

Super simple directives with CSS (sort-of)

Who needs a fancy front-end framework like Angular or React when we can simply use our old pal CSS? How?! The CSS attr() function lets you grab HTML

Intro to web timing APIs

Measuring time in the browser can be a fiddly business with questionable accuracy, particularly when benchmarking. But with the Web Performance

Christmas snowflake animation

It might be a bit of a cliche, but everyone loves a bit of Christmas customisation. The thought of adding little seasonal Easter eggs is like catnip

Looping with SCSS

SCSS improves on CSS in almost every way, with nesting and powerful directives raising the stakes for front-end dev work. Sadly though, some powerful

Advanced Console Logging – Styling

Ever felt that your browser console output was too plain and boring? Never fear, Pixel Pixel are here to help you fix that! Console Styling:

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