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Delusions, doubt and defensiveness

As a rule, most experienced graphic designers have a healthy dose of unapologetic self-belief when creating artwork. Confidence is an essential

Home working guide

As people in all walks of life struggle to adapt to the ‘new normal’ (which translates to – ‘everything’s terrible,

Prepared, ready to go…

Preparation is always key to a successful adventure; this is also true when diving into any client project.When starting a new project, sketching

The adventure begins…

With the Christmas holidays rapidly disappearing in the rear-view mirror, and businesses around the UK returning to normal, it’s time to look

Two simple parallax methods

Parallax is a popular scrolling effect used on many modern websites, and when done well can look fantastic. Sadly though, parallax implementations

Christmas snowflake animation

It might be a bit of a cliche, but everyone loves a bit of Christmas customisation. The thought of adding little seasonal Easter eggs is like catnip

Halloween at Pixel Pixel

We love trying something a little different here at Pixel Pixel and Halloween has given us a great excuse to create something that will send a shiver

Web Design: The importance of good design

We won’t beat around the bush, you probably already know that website design is important, after all, no one likes visiting a badly designed

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