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Full of hints and tips to squeeze that extra performance out of your website, our web strategy blogs cover everything from project kick-off to go-live and beyond.

Why should you use a specialist web agency?

Over the past few years, the internet has opened up many ‘do-it-yourself’ options for people to take control of their marketing efforts. There is

What is UX and why is it critical for your website’s success?

75% of companies believe their websites are customer-centric, whereas only 30% of customers believe this is so. This creates a huge empathy gap and

CTAs – The key for turning visitors into sales

You’ve got a brand-new website, spent ages making sure the copy is SEO friendly, yet your potential customers aren’t buying! If your traffic is

Playing LinkedIn ‘Algorithm tag’

Getting your maximum visibility on social media can sometimes seem like playing a game where everyone is trying to work out what the rules are as

Tips to optimise your website SEO

SEO has never been more important for the success of your online presence, and we at Swindon-based web design agency Pixel Pixel are keenly aware of

Looking to the future – your website and a Pixel Pixel retainer

So you’ve had a shiny new website designed and built. Engagement is up and your stakeholders are happy – you’re over the moon. But

A/B testing with Google Analytics Experiments

Right now, A/B testing is the method du jour for website conversion optimisation, enabling users to test different marketing and design choices from

Web Design: The importance of good design

We won’t beat around the bush, you probably already know that website design is important, after all, no one likes visiting a badly designed

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