Change is here! Pixel Pixel launches its new website.

All the way back in June 2016, a fresh-faced Pixel Pixel launched a newly redesigned website. At the time, we were a company consisting of 2 permanent employees. We still designed and built websites and we still offered our same direct access to experts approach, but our service offering was undoubtedly smaller than it is today.

Today, we launched our first brand new Pixel Pixel website since 2016. It’s a website that we feel truly reflects who we are and what we do. It brings together the combined expertise of our entire team to demonstrate clearly our service offerings in an eye-catching, responsive and high-performing website.

Take a look at our new site in all its custom illustrated glory.

So, why did we need a new website?

Over the past 5 years, our team has grown and with it, our capabilities and capacity across a whole host of new skills have also grown. We now have experts working with clients on comprehensive design, branding, web strategy, website and application development activities. We work across the full lifecycle of a website, ensuring that our sites not only start outperforming well but stay that way.

As we’ve grown and our service offerings increased, our website had not necessarily grown with us. We recognised that it no longer reflected either our depth of experience, our service offerings, or the diverse range of industry experience we’ve garnered over the past 5 years.

So, we set out to create a website that truly demonstrates who we are as a business and what we can do.

Creative, development & strategy

We are lucky to have immensely talented experts making up the team. Our experts have a range of talents that add value to our client’s web projects, such as custom illustration work, responsive and user-friendly web designs, strategic monitoring and optimisation.

So, 5 years after launching our last Pixel Pixel website, we pulled together the combined expertise of our team to create a website that we know reflects our service offerings and experience but also represents us as a business and as a team.

Built from the ground up in WordPress, our new site clearly sets out what we offer and how we have helped other companies in the past. It showcases our previous projects in a way we haven’t before but the website itself is built with the DNA of our team at its heart.

Whether that’s the responsive front and back ends created by our developers, the custom illustration, web design and copy by our creative experts or the optimisation and user journey; the site has been a combined labour of love from our entire team.

Find out how our creative, development and strategy experts can help you deliver your next high-return web project. Contact us now.

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