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Featured image for Prepared, ready to go...

Prepared, ready to go...

Posted on 19th March 2020 at 11:05am by David Wildish in Design, Web Design

Preparation is always key to a successful adventure; this is also true when diving into any client project.

Prepared, ready to go… 

Preparation is always key to a successful adventure; this is also true when diving into any client project. When starting a new project, sketching ideas is often touted by designers as the first base to great results.

At Pixel Pixel, before pencil hits paper, we undergo a stage of rigorous planning and strategy - led by our knowledge and experience. Whether it's a website, logo, or printed collateral, we see this as an essential stage before descending into the deep depths of the creative ocean.

Any new adventure, big or small, deserves to be unique. 

With strategy and planning complete, we then research aesthetics. While looking at competitors and considering current trends is important; we strive to create unique designs, tailored to fit your business.

Very often, we see agencies garnering ideas from designs uploaded to popular portfolio sites. Or worse, using off-the-peg budget options in place of original bespoke artwork (a situation often seen in web design). This approach typically results in unoriginal, stale, or repetitive designs.

So, we firmly believe that only after strategy and research take place should pens, pencils, iPads, or sketchbooks be brought into the process. With preliminary ideas on paper, seeds of portfolio worthy pieces developed, we can evaluate which fulfils the criteria best to be advanced to the digital stage.

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