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Featured image for Summer 2020 business update

Summer 2020 business update

Posted on 25th September 2020 at 9:30am by Jonathan Rawlins in Company news

There is an old Chinese curse that goes, "May you live in interesting times." And, since our last proper business update at Christmas, times have certainly been 'interesting!'

As with many companies (and I'm sure a lot of you reading this blog too), our best-laid plans for 2020 had to rapidly change to meet the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic presented. Part of this change was accelerating our plans for home working by putting the infrastructure and support in place to continue our 'access to experts' approach with a remote-based team.

So, while some of our exciting plans have had to take a back seat - at least for a little while - here's some of the new things that have been happening at Pixel Pixel over the past few months.

Office refurbishment

Before lockdown, our office was starting to feel a bit cramped and, with a new starter in the team (more on that in a bit), we needed some more space to grow. Check out how the office expanded in our YouTube video here or view and subscribe to all of Pixel Pixel videos on our new YouTube page.

Our new office has been designed with the safety and wellbeing of our staff and visitors in mind - ensuring that we have a safe and socially distanced environment for the team, while also creating a private space for client meetings.

Keeping our experts easily accessible

After a brief return to our Covid-secure office in August and September, we are following government guidance issued this week and returning to remote working. Remote working has proved very effective over the past few months and for us it will be very much a case of business as usual.

Our emails and phones are always manned during work hours. However, we continue to recommend that work-related questions and queries come through our project management software, ClickUp.

Using ClickUp to log a question ensures that wherever we are, the relevant expert will be on hand to provide a prompt response to your query. You won't have to go searching through emails any time you need to refer back to the information.

If you are not currently using ClickUp, you can access it through this link . If you are unsure of your username or password or need a reminder of how to use it, please let us know .

New team member

In August, Efi Caka joined us as a full-time Web Developer. As an experienced back-end developer, Efi increases our flexibility, capability and capacity to continue to design and build user-centred websites and applications that not only look good but perform as they should.

Before joining Pixel Pixel, Efi worked as a software/web developer on a wide range of website and application projects for companies like o2 Telefonica. Efi also brings exposure to many of the technologies and tools we use daily, like Laravel, OctoberCMS and WordPress.   

Thank you from Pixel Pixel

It's been a difficult period for businesses in all sectors across the country. And, although it is not a situation any of us would choose to be in, it's been a humbling experience working collaboratively with you all throughout this period to ensure we are all meeting these new challenges, together.

We look forward to being able to welcome you to the new office when we return.

Keep Safe

The Pixel Pixel Team

We love what we do! You will too. Speak to us